Human Continuum- Pocket Processor

Type of Activity:  Processing Activity, Perspective

Props Needed:  Pocket Processor Cards

It is important to remind the participants that the two phrases on each card are extremes of a continuum, not dichotomies.  One way to convey this information is through a human continuum.

Process:  Have two sides of a room (or an open space) be two extremes of a continuum.  You can place a piece of webbing or rope to mark the center.   Instruct the participants to stand on the line.  Explain that the line represents Zero and the walls on either side of the line represent Five.  The space in between the line and the walls represent from 1,2,3,4, and the walls are 5 on both sides.  Explain that you will read off the two categories on the card and each individual must place   themselves somewhere on the continuum where they think best describes them.  For example.  If the card with the categories, “Resistant to Change, Accepting of Change” is read off, participants would place themselves on the left side of the line if they are more Resistant to Change, and on the right side of the line if they are more Accepting of Change.  Then they place themselves in the numeric range of how severe they are in that category.  If I am very Resistant to Change I would place myself near the wall in the 4-5 range.  If I am just a little Resistant to Change I would place myself closer to the rope in the middle near the 1-2 range.

Then read the two sides of the card and allow every participant to physically place himself or herself anywhere on that continuum.  For example, a facilitator can say, "This side of the room is always "taking charge."  The other side of the room is always, "allowing others to lead."  I want each of you to find the place on the continuum where you most fit today."

Debriefing Topics:  The human continuum then lends itself to discussion (e.g. "If most of you usually take charge, what impact does that have on completing the task?  Are the same people in your group always taking charge, the same people always allowing others to lead?  If so, what are the pros and cons of this arrangement?")


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