HORSE for the Climbing Wall

Grade level: 3-6

Equipment:  none

Objective: To attempt and memorize a route set by your partner.

Description: Have your participants partner up.  Explain that each person will get a chance in both roles for the activity. Explain the basic concept of the game of HORSE, this is a common game played in Basketball.  One person makes a shot and the next person attempts the same shot.  If the basket is made, no letter of the word Horse is acquired.  If the basket is missed, that person receives a letter H.  The game is over when someone spells out the word HORSE.  The same concept applies to this activity. The first climber mounts the wall and makes a distinct move, then steps down.  The next climber attempts the same move, if successful they step down, if they cannot perform the move or touch the ground, they receive the letter H.  The first climber then repeats the same move and adds on another distinct move to the route, then steps down.  The second climber follows the first climbers moves to avoid acquiring any letters.  If the first climber slips or touches the ground, the second climber then gains control and gets to set the route, starting with one move, then a second, then a third.

Variations:  You could use the words BELAY or CLIMB instead because they are more relevant to what the kids are doing.

Rules/Safety/Accommodations: Students should follow basic climbing wall rules.

Facilitation/Reflection Questions:

1. Explain why you picked the route you did.
2. What were some specific actions you took to be successful?
3. How did it feel to achieve your goal?  To fall a little short of your goal?
4. Complete this sentence: I really enjoyed today’s activity because…


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