Holy Hula Hoops!

Grade level: K-12

Equipment:  Several Hula Hoops, Hula Hoop Holders for Traverse Walls, stopwatch.  Using segmented hoola hoops will allow you to make large and small hoops.

Objective: To traverse the wall and climb through all of the hula hoops.


Description: Before class set up 10-15 hula hoop holders (or as many as you want!) and hula hoops on the traverse wall.  You can try to set the hoops up horizontally as well as vertically, however, the horizontal hoops have a tendency to sag.  Horizontal hoops definitely add a level of difficulty to this activity, but does not always work if you have significant sag.  You can make this a class initiative or an individual initiative, whatever you think is best.  Instruct the class/individuals that you are going to time them to see how quickly they can traverse the wall by passing through every hula hoop that is set up on the wall.

Rules/Safety/Accommodations: Students should follow basic climbing wall rules.

Facilitation/Reflection Questions:

  1. What did you enjoy most about this activity?
  2. How did you challenge yourself?
  3. What made passing through the hoola hoops challenging?


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