Type of Activity: Frontloading and Processing

Props Needed: None

Set Up: No special space requirements. Plays well with up to 15 in a group (multiple groups can play) for 15 to 20 minutes –create multiple groups if needed.

Process: After an experience, ask the group members specific questions related to some behavior within the group or themselves during the last activity that they would be able to “grade.”

For example, what grade would you give the group for verbal communication? Or, “What grade would you give yourself for listening?” After some quite reflection ask for a show of hands for each grade – A, B, C, D, F.

If you believe the group members can go a bit further with this process you could ask someone who gave a “C” grade, “What would it take for this group to get a “B” from you?” Going up just one grade represents incremental goal setting. You could also ask someone, “What qualities lead you to give an “A” grade?” The hope is that this feedback can help improve performance in the future. Note: Grading does not have the best reputation. This process might open the door to some dialogue on the topic.

Variations: In the book, Reflective Learning the process is set up with a number ranking, 1 through 5 – 5 being the best. In this way participants can hold up a number on their hand at the same time. You could put like numbers together (if it’s pretty evenly dispersed) and have them discuss positives and improvements to share with the group, or ask certain participants how the group could achieve the next highest number.

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