Flip Me The Bird (Chicken)

Type of Activity: Energizer, Tag

Props Needed: Rubber Chickens and boundary markers

Set Up: Have large open area with boundaries set up and work on getting your group running around a little, get the blood flowing before you get to other initiatives. Level playing ground.  Change language depending on maturity of participants.

Process: Start out with one person being IT.  Later you can assign up to 2-3 people to be IT.  To be immune from a tag, a participant must be grasping a bird.  Use enough rubber chickens to equal out about a third of the number of people in the group.  Since there are only 6 birds per 18 pursues, there is much "flipping of the bird."  There can only be one bird in the hand at a time.  In keeping with the name of the game, the bird must be thrown, not passed, and the throw cannot be made back and forth between paired participants.  If someone wants a bird they need to yell out, "Flip Me the Bird!!"

Variations: Can also be done with small ropes tied into knots and call it "Knot Me!" instead of "Flip Me The Bird!"  To make more age appropriate us “Flip me the chicken” or if no birds available can use other objects but adapt the phrase used by participants.

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