Flip and Find

Type of Activity: Problem-Solving

Props Needed: Jumbo Deck of Cards and four webbing lengths (Raccoon Circles)

Set Up: (learned from Trudy Robbins) Create 4 teams of 3-6 participants on a team.  Teams will be side-by-side during play.  Teams must stay behind their Webbing line layed down in front of them.  Out in front of their Webbing line, 20 feet away, is a vertical line of Cards face down—each team will have a different suit.  Cards within a line are about 12 inches apart.

Process: Now, ask all the participants to sit down behind their Webbing line.  When you say “GO!” one participant from each team is allowed to run out to their Cards, choose one and flip it over.  If the Card is the Ace they can leave it face up, and return to their team, if it is not they must turn it back face down and return to their team sitting down behind the Webbing.  Then the next layer goes out to flip a Card.  The objective is to flip the Cards up in order—from Ace to King.  Participants are not allowed to show their group the Card they flipped over but can give them any verbal information that might help.  Participants not going for the Cards must be sitting, on their seats, behind their teams Webbing line.  NO, it’s not a competition, but we’re sure it will come up!

Debriefing Topics:

  • How successful do you think you were at this activity?
  • Was it hard to stay seated?
  • Was it hard not to blurt out what card you flipped over?
  • Did you compete with the other teams?  Why?

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