First Impressions

Type of Activity:  Get to Know You

Props Needed:  Webbing

Set Up:  Raccoon Circles (webbing) bring people together in a variety of ways, and this activity illustrates that point.  First Impressions bring participants into a closer physical proximity to each,  discovers commonalities between participants, allows participants to become acquainted at a deeper level, and provides the opportunity for participants to discuss how their instinctive guesses about others, especially those that they do not know very well, may or may not be accurate.

Process:  Begin by forming groups of three participants, seated within a webbing circle.  Also provide a copy of the impressions sheet (click here), and a pencil or pen for each participant.  The instructions for this activity are printed at the top of the following page. Just pass out copies of this page, and go. Directions are as follows:

Form a group of three, preferably with two other participants that you do not know very well, and have a seat inside a webbing circle.  Within this group, you are to guess the following traits and characteristics about your partners.  This is not a conversation, just make your best guess about each of the following traits, for both of your partners, and write your answers in the outer spaces.  When you and each of your partners are finished guessing the following eight traits, begin sharing your guesses with each other, writing in the true information when given.  Keep track of how often you were able to guess correctly.

You can also create additional questions for unique to your group.

Debriefing Topics:

  • How do first impressions impact your relationships?
  • What did you learn about your teammates?
  • Were you accurate in your first impressions?

For more resources see: The Book of Raccoon Circles

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