Everybody’s It

Type of Activity: Energizer

Props Needed: None

Set Up: Often called, "The World's Fastest Tag Game" and rightly so, because everyone is literally IT.  As in any tag game, if someone is IT, they chase someone else; so in this case, everyone's chasing someone else.

Process: The group spreads out within a bounded area (the boundaries have been previously set) and at the GO signal, each person attempts to tag someone else.  If a tag is received (before you tag the    tagger), you are eliminated.  Sit down or put your hands on  your head to indicate your "tagged" status.  If you were lucky or skillful enough to be the tagger, continue trying to eliminate other  participants.  This fast action continues until only one participant remains.  Then just as he-she begins to congratulate him/herself on being champion, shout GO again, and the action begins afresh.  If the last few participants are more cautious than confident, the game may drag as they try to avoid one another.  To initiate action, announce that anyone who takes a backward step is eliminated; aggression is immediate.

Variation: Slow Mo Tag- To slow this game down, in case you have a group of 300 or a group of  hyper-active participants, follow the same rules as for Everybody's IT, however the participants can only move one step at a time-called out by the facilitator.  When someone is tagged have them kneel down  until the next game.

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