Elbow Tag

Type of Activity: Energizer, Tag

Props Needed: None/Marker Cones

Set Up: Area of open space, free of trip hazards. Best with 10 or more people. Have everyone partner up and connect elbows together.  A group of three is  acceptable.

Process: Choose one person to be "it" and one person to be "chased".  The person who is "it" runs/fast walks after the person being "chased".  If the person being "chased" links up elbows with someone, the person connected to the person who was linked up with then becomes the person being chased.  In other words, the linked partners always stays the same number.  So if someone being chased links up on one side of the link, the person on the opposite end of the link is now the person being chased.  If the person who is "it" tags the person being "chased" before a link is established, the roles reverse.  The person who WAS "it" is now being "chased" and vice versa.  Demonstrate in slow motion how the roles work so you avoid mass confusion.

Variation: Have pair lie on the ground. When “chased” lays down next to a pair the person on the far side is now the new “chased.”

Debriefing Topics:

  • What made this game fun?
  • Is it more fun to watch one person be it for a long period of time or to have a fast paced game?
  • How did it feel to be it?

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