Debriefing Bingo

Type of Activity: Processing

Props Needed: A debriefing bingo card for each member of the group, or one large card for everyone. Click HERE to get a pre-made card.

Set Up: Looking for Five in a Row.  Here is an activity that encourages participants to look beyond a single answer, and also one that promotes additional self processing.

Concepts: After an adventure-based learning activity, some participants focus on only the dominant skill or talent used during the task.  This activity encourages greater self reflection by inviting each member of the group to find five events in a row that they have encountered during the last activity, or throughout the entire program.  In some cases, participants find a few blocks they have experienced, but that do not produce five in a row, and must go looking for another group of five.  This encourages additional self reflection.

Process: Simply provide each member with a debriefing bingo card, and the instructions found on the next page.  As an alternative, you can ask the group to create their own card, beginning with a 5x5 grid pattern.

After reflecting on your experiences, be prepared to discuss the following events by choosing any that create a line of five boxes in a row.  For example, you can discuss five separate events during today’s experience where you may have listened to someone (tell about it), tried something new (what was this new thing?), considered a different point of view (share it with the group), played outside your comfort zone (what event put you there?), and offered someone encouragement (who were they?).

Where to find it/How to make it: You can copy the debriefing bingo card shown on the following page, or create your own temporary bingo card on a flipchart, or more permanently on a piece of whiteboard or plywood.

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