Crossword Ending

Type of Activity: Processing, Group Think

Props Needed: Large piece of paper or posterboard, markers.

Process: Objective is to create a Crossword Puzzle of what happened during the program.

On a large sheet of paper, write the name of the program or experience in large block letters with a marker.

Near the top of the page you might write CAMP BACKPACK.

Invite participants to create a crossword puzzle that shows what they think/feel about the experience.  Someone might say, "cool" and they would letter the word vertically, using the letter "C" in the word "camp" as the beginning for "cool."  Someone else might say, "challenging" and begin that word with the "C" in backpack.

As people call out their descriptions, others assist in finding a place for each word...some words may be created in order to accommodate other words...a great example of teamwork, creativity and support!

Participants may want to add their own names to the crossword as well.

The chart, posted on a wall, remains as a visible, tangible reinforcement of the experience.

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