Grade level: 1-12

Note:  This activity may not be suitable for all classes.  Please make sure you facilitatoe this one carefully if participants are at a high functioning level.

Created by:  Marcus LaBombard--Schuylerville Elementary

                        Kim Duncan--Schuylerville Elementary

Equipment:  100 or more fleece balls, 2-4 hockey/goalie sticks, climbing wall mats, 1 pane mat (also called the safety area!), 2 hand paddles.

Description: The class is split into two groups.  One group is climbers and the other is throwers.  The Throwers are stations anywhere between 20-40 feet from the climbing wall, depending on how well the students can throw.  Students at the wall must traverse from one side of the wall to the other going no higher than eight feet.  The students not on the wall must throw fleece balls and try to hit the traversing climbers.  Depending on the class size, a few students can retrieve thrown balls.  The retrievers are able to use a hockey or goalie stick for assistance.  When a traversing climber gets hit by a fleece ball anywhere on his/her body they must climb down and go to the end of the climbing line.  If a climber touches the mat(s) during an attempt to the other side when climbing his or her turn is also done.  The goal of the climbers is to traverse the wall without touching the mats or getting hit with a fleece ball.  If the student can make it to the safety mat at the other end of the wall he/she scores a point for their team.  The throwing team or students not on the wall try to deny all traversing climbers from scoring by hitting them with a fleece ball before the climber lands on the safety mat (different color mat than the others).  After 10-15 minutes the sides switch.

Modification:  Allow one student to be a blocker for the traversing team.  This student uses hand paddles to block fleece balls thrown by the other group.  If the blocker is hit on the body with a ball he or she can no longer be a blocker.  Another student who is climbing may take over as a blocker until they are hit by a ball in the body.  Once a blocker is hit they can no longer be a blocker until the next round.
Rules/Safety/Accommodations: Students should follow basic climbing wall rules.

Facilitation/Reflection Questions:

1. Which role was more fun to be in, the climber or the thrower?  Why?
2. How were your blockers helpful in this activity?
3. Complete this sentence: I really enjoyed today’s activity because…

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