Commonalities w/ Raccoon Circles

Type of Activity: Get to Know You

Props Needed: Webbing

Set Up: Begin with partners for this activity. This conversational activity has the goal of identifying unique and sometimes unusual events, activities and life experiences that we have in common with other members of our group.

Process: The two partners need to identify three unique items that they have in common. Encourage participants to dig deep for these items. For example, they may discover that they both like dogs, but under closer examination, they may also discover that they like the same breed of dog. Additionally, they may discover that they both enjoy reading, but by digging a bit deeper, they may discover that they have read the same book in the past 6 months or perhaps    enjoy the same author.

After identifying three attributes that they have in common, these two partners raise their hands, and find another group of two ready to form a group of four. Now the challenge is to identify 2 items that they have in common. Again, look deep, and no fair using any of the attributes already identified.

Finally, after this group of four finds out what they have in common, they raise their hands and join another group of four, for a total of eight, now standing inside one of the Raccoon Circles spread around on the floor. The goal for these eight is to find ONE event, interest or activity that they have in common.  Have each of these groups of eight share what they have in common.  Again, the more unique and unusual, the better (or at least the more interesting!)

Debriefing Topics:

  • Did you learn anything new about your teammates?
  • Were you surprised you had so much in common?

For original write up purchase "Book of Raccoon Circles" by Cain & Smith.  

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