Climbing Commands/Belayer Responsibilities

Climbing Commands                                       

Before Climbing

  1.  Climber:  "On Belay"
  2. Belayer:  "Belay is On"
  3. Climber:  "Climbing"
  4. Belayer:  "Climb On"


After Climbing

  1. Climber:  "Off Belay"
  2. Belayer:  "Belay is off"


Belayers Responsibilities

  1. If the belayer is not an adult a back-up belayer must be used.  The back up belayer will hold the waist belft of the belayer's harness.  The back-up belayer keeps his/her weight low and close to the ground, acting as an anchor.
  2. If the weight of the climber is more than the belayer, a back-up belayer is required.
  3. Communicate with and give full attention to the climber for the entire climbup and down the climbing wall.  Keep the climber informed of all holds and give positive feedback to cheer them on.
  4. Double-check all straps, carabiners, and equipment.
  5. Instructor must check harness straps, carabiners, and be actively supervising before the belayer begins belaying.
  6. Be aware of the dangers involved with climbing and belaying.

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