Type of Activity: Problem-Solving

Props Needed: 25 Numbered Rubber Discs, 15 foot parachute chord

Set Up: Tie the two ends of the parachute cord (or other rope) together and lay the cord into a circle on the ground.  Arrange all 25 numbers in a jumbled arrangement inside the circle.  Establish a starting line and a finish line a pre-determined distance away from the numbers (typically about 10 to 20 feet away from the circle)

Process: Instruct the group that this is a timed event.  The first attempt will be their base line time.   The group must touch all 25 numbers in sequential order from 1-25 as fast as they can.  Only one person can be inside the circle of numbers at a time.  The stopwatch starts as soon as the first person steps over the line and stops when the last person crosses back over the line.  Any body part may be used to touch the numbered spots.

Variations: Set up the boundary as one that is full height, so if an arm or finger crosses the plan of the rope the group receives and error and a point or time subtracted. For each error the team receives an addition 2 seconds to their time. Goal now is the fastest time with the least number of errors. You can set this up with two groups. While the first group is going the other team has until team one returns to plan and vice versa. This gives groups and opportunity to plan away from the challenge and then test. You can also give some time for both groups to be in ear shot so they may or may not coordinate their efforts. This is not necessarily competition but most will take it that way.

Debriefing Topics:

  • How did your group accomplish this task?
  • What strategies did you come up with to decrease your time?
  • What were some of your barriers to success?
  • What frustrated you about this process?
  • How did the group communicate during this activity?


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