Change Three Things

Contributor:  Maurie Lung



  • This is a quick activity that participants can do in pairs.
  • Tell them you are going to send them into breakout rooms with one other person for 6-7 minutes.
  • Tell them to study the appearance of their partner for a few moments.
  • Have one person go first. Instruct them to turn off their video function for a brief moment and change three things about their appearance.  When they turn their video back on, their partner has to try and guess what three things they changed.  You could allow the partner to take a screenshot of them before they turn off their video function.
  • Then have them switch roles.
  • After both have gone one time and if there is still time left before you bring them back to the large group, have them go again and change three more things.
  • You could also have them change things in their environment and not just on their person.  This is much more difficult!