Bucket Full of Ideas

Type of Activity: Processing

Props Needed: Bomb Removal Buckets and the Insanity balls.  You could use any props from the kit for the tokens:  A token, such as a tennis ball, stone, or marble for each member of the group and enough buckets for the number of choices presented.

Concepts: Voting Made Simple — Here is a simple technique for voting within the group, that allows participants to voice their ideas without ever saying a word.

For some groups, especially those that are new to each other, speaking up can be difficult for some members of the group.  Encouragement by the facilitator is helpful, but in the end, members speak up when they feel safe that their opinions and comments will be accepted and listened to by the other members of the group.  The Voting Buckets used here allow each participant to voice their opinion, without having to speak out loud.

Process: At the completion of the challenge, the facilitator invites each member of the group to take one of the tokens available.

Next, the facilitator presents the buckets that have been identified with the categories the group must choose from.  For example, the categories GOOD, BETTER, and BEST are shown on the buckets below.

Next the facilitator invites the members of the group to toss their token into the bucket of their choice.

At this point, it should be fairly simple for the group to identify the bucket with the most votes.  It is important for the facilitator to create a safe place for those members whose vote falls outside the majority of the group.  Rather than saying, ‘hey, who voted GOOD when the rest of us voted BEST?’, the facilitator can ask the group, “can you imagine how someone could vote GOOD for this last activity?’  This style of facilitation encourages a sense of empathy and open communication, rather than animosity towards an alternative view.

Where to find it /How to make it: You can find buckets and unique storage containers and planters at garden supply stores.  Choose tokens which can be tossed without breaking.

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