Box Cards

Type of Activity:  Problem-Solving

Source:  Playing With A Full Deck, by Michelle Cummings, and The Possiblesbag Teambuilding Kit  Activity manual, by Chris Cavert

Group Size:  Plays best with 5 or more players.

Props needed:  Jumbo Deck of Cards and a stopwatch

Playing the Game:  Create groups of 5 to 6 players and set each group in there own little area—at least 12 feet from any other group.  Deal 13 Cards to each group.  Then toss the Card box out into the center between the groups.  You will give the groups 3 minutes to plan, without touching their Cards, and then you will say “GO”—the time starts.  At this point the groups can pick up their Cards and implement their plan.  What they are required to do is line up the Cards in order by rank and like suit, from Act to King off of the box—the Ace must be closest to the box, the 2 must be    touching the Ace and so on through to the King.  When all the Cards are lined up in order the time stops.  Record the time and then pick up all the Cards for a shuffle.  Ask the players to return to their starting spots.  You will then give all the groups 2 minutes to re-tune their plan as you go around to deal each group 13 new Cards.  After the next round you give the groups 1 minute to   re-tune.  What can be their best possible time?  Keep in mind, you never said the groups couldn’t plan with each other, move positions or that the could not be moved?

Possibilities:  What if, just what if, as you were shuffling the group’s Cards before the 3rd round, you secretly (without anyone seeing you) remove a Card from each pile?  I’m sure an interesting discussion about CHANGE would erupt/occur?

Debriefing Topics:

  • What strategies did you come up with as a group?
  • How did time affect your performance?
  • How was this activity like everyday life?

Learning styles utilized from the 7 Kinds of Smart:  ~body smart, logic smart, picture smart

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