Bomb Removal

Type of Activity: Problem-Solving

Props Needed: Two balls/bombs, one 50 foot boundary rope, 6 pieces of 15 foot webbing, various sizes of bungee cords, 2 bandanas, 2 hacky sacks, one bucket.

Set up: You can call this activity whatever you want.  Some people call it Toxic Waste to get rid of the "bomb" verbage.  Use your own discretion. Things to set up:

  • Create a circle with the 50 foot rope.
  • Place the bomb can upside down in the center of the circle.
  • Place the two balls on top of the bucket.
  • Take one piece of webbing and make a circle with it.  Place the circle about 30 feet from the large circle.
  • Leave all other props in a pile on the outside of the circle.

Process: (please change these to fit the needs of your group.)  Instruct the group that they must build a bomb removal device and move the bombs to a secure place (the webbing circle).  You may put as many restrictions on the group as you would like, or let them tell you how hard they would like the activity to be.

Possible Restrictions:

  • The balls must remain on the top of the bucket at all times.
  • The bucket may not be scooted across the floor.
  • Only the props provided may be used to transfer the bomb.
  • The boundary ropes cannot be moved.
  • If the balls fall off the bucket, the group must start over.
  • You must be at least 8 feet away from the bomb at all times.
  • The only people that may touch the props are blind people--participants with blind folds.
  • When you are touching the props you lose your voice.

It's up to you and the ability level of your group!  Ensure you have designated a “secure place” for the bomb to be deposited.

Debriefing Topics:

  • Describe the specific steps taken/
  • How did the group work together to accomplish the task?
  • What would you have done differently?
  • How did the group communicate?
  • What was frustrating about this activity?

For resources:  Cowtails & Cobras 2,  Bomb Removal Kit

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