Body Part Debrief- Embodying Leadership

Type of Activity: Processing/Debriefing specific to leadership

Props Needed: The Body Part Debrief Tool

Concept Variation: The theme of a US Patent and Trade Office in August 2008 that Michelle Cummings attended was Embodying Leadership to Transform the Future.  The conference committee did a wonderful job at breaking down the qualities of great leaders and applying them to the different parts of the body.  I wanted to share with you this great variation of our Body Part Debrief activity and how you can use it with your groups.

Process: Embodying Leadership means exhibiting behaviors that motivate and influence, such as developing others, increasing self-awareness and leading by example.  Part of transforming the future involves a change in philosophy as to how leadership development has traditionally been viewed within organizations.

Leaders exist, and can be developed, at all levels in an organization.  Leadership is not reserved for specific titles and roles.  Organizational excellence can be achieved by embodying the characteristics and practicing the skills necessary to earn respect, sustain performance, and inspire dedication.  Here are some body part metaphors to use for Leadership using the Body Part Debrief.

The Elements of Embodying Leadership

Heart of a Leader (heart):  Building trust and respect among those we lead

Mind of a Leader  (brain):  Thinking strategically, translating strategy into tactical actions; making sound decisions

Core of a Leader  (spine):  Being courageous enough to stand up for what is right

Ears of a Leader  (ear):  Actively listening to others and hearing what is important to them

Walk of a Leader  (foot):  Being accountable for our own actions

Eyes of a Leader (eye):  Seeing the vision for the future

Voice of a Leader   (lips or smiley face ball):  Leaders at all levels speak a common leadership language; leaders know when to speak up for the good of the organization

Shoulder of a Leader  (full body or shoulder):  Taking on responsibility ourselves

Please use these metaphors with the teams you work with.  Together we can inspire great things in your leaders.  ~Michelle Cummings, Training Wheels

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