Body Part Debrief- Deluxe

Type of Activity: Debriefing tool

Props Needed: Eye ball, Stomach ball, Brain ball, Heart ball, Hand ball, Ear ball, Smiley ball, Foot, Spine, Nose, Bone, World, Liver, Lungs

Process: There are a couple of ways you can set this one up.  It is a great activity for end of day .

Present each ball and explain the different metaphors they could talk about when they receive that ball.  Once you describe it, toss it randomly to someone in the group.  Then as you describe the other balls the person you threw the first ball to has time to think about what they want to share.  Once all of the balls are out in the circle go back to the person that you first tossed the ball to.  Let them share with the group and then have them toss the ball randomly to someone else in the group.  That way that person has time to think about what they want to share as the other people ahead of them are sharing.

Another way to set this up is to describe each ball and then leave the balls in the center of the circle.  Then a person can choose what they want to share.  Have them come forward and pick up a ball that relates to what they want to share.  It’s good to front load this activity, meaning, give a brief description of what each ball might represent:

Metaphor Suggestions:

  • Eye ball-- something new that you saw in your self or someone else, a vision you have for the group.
  • Stomach ball--something that took guts for you to do, Or something that pushed you outside your comfort zone.
  • Brain ball-- something new that you learned about yourself, the group, a teammate, a thought that you had.
  • Heart ball--a feeling that you experienced, something you felt.
  • Hand ball--a way that the whole group supported you, someone you would like to give a hand to for a job well done.
  • Ear Ball--something you listened to, a good idea you heard, something that was hard to hear.
  • Smiley face ball--something that made you  smile or laugh, what are some positive attributes of the group, etc.
  • Foot--What direction would you like to go? Did you stick your foot in your mouth?
  • Spine--What do you consider the backbone of your family/business/goals.
  • Bone--What are your breaking points?  Have you ever felt broken?
  • Nose--Have you ever stuck your nose in someone else's business?
  • World--In what ways do your actions affect your community?
  • Liver--Where did things break down?  Talk about a time when you broke down and cried.
  • Lungs--Describe a time when you felt like screaming.  Does a team breath help focus the group?

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