Blind Line Up for Bouldering Walls

Grade level: 3-12

Published in:  Bouldering Games for Kids, by Michelle Cummings

Equipment:  blindfolds or bandanas

Objective: To guide a blindfolded partner into the correct number sequence with the other climbers.

Description: Have your participants partner up.  Explain that each person will get a chance in both roles for the activity.  Have 6-8 climbers climb at a time, or whatever safe number your wall will accommodate.  Have one person from each partner team put a blindfold on.  Each climber is given a secret number, 1-6 if there are 6 climbers, 1-8 if there are 8 climbers, etc.  Give out the numbers in a random order.  Example, if you have 6 climbers lines up at the wall, go down the line and whisper in their ear their number in a random order:  3,2,5,6,1,4.   Instruct the climbers that once they mount the wall they have to line up in numeric order from 1-6 but they have to do it blindfolded.  The spotting partners are the sighted guides.  They help their blindfolded partner access the wall in front of them and then talk them through where the holds are and where to maneuver to in order to get into the right order.

Rules/Safety/Accommodations:  Spotters should make sure that the blindfolded climbers should never climb above the height limit.  Students should follow basic climbing wall rules.

Facilitation/Reflection Questions:

  1. What were some challenges you faced during this activity?
  2. What were some helpful things your partner did while you were blindfolded?
  3. How did being blindfolded affect the way you climbed?
  4. Complete this sentence: I really enjoyed today’s activity because…


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