Benefits to Society

Type of Activity: Processing

Props Needed: A visual model is helpful for this technique.  Several paper plates, index cards, or laminated pages with the titles shown below.


Our  School

Our Class

My Partner

Our Society

Our Community

The Whole Team

Our Country

Future Generations

Other WorkGroups

Other Countries The Whole World

My Family

Our Families

Our Customers

Concepts: Think Globally - Act Locally- It can be a bit of an eye opener to realize that the skills learned in an adventure-based learning program can be utilized to change the world.  This processing activity helps participants  consider the greater good of their efforts.

Considering who the lessons of today will benefit increases the value of this information.  Understanding that I have gained a new skill is one level of understanding, but realizing that this skill can benefit additional folks, some of whom I have yet to meet, brings even more value.  A list of individuals and groups to consider is helpful, and assists individual group members in considering all the possible outcomes for the skills learned in today’s program.

Process: At the completion of the program or activity, ask the group what skills they have learned during this activity.

Next ask them how this skill benefits the various individuals and groups listed here.

Allow participants a few moments each to consider the groups listed.  Remember, not all forms of review require verbalization.  Even while participants are considering the list, they are reflecting on their experience.

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