Bendy Debrief

Bendy Debrief

This activity was shared by Jason Knott.   

Creator: Anthony Scott, Camp Eagle Director

Contributor:  Jason Knott

Source:  A Teachable Moment, Cain, Cummings, Stanchfield.  Pg 57.

Concept: Using bendable characters to depict feelings experienced.  Talking about how body language plays into different emotions.

Props/materials needed:  Enough bendable characters for each person in the group.  The more choices, the better.


  • Ask each member of the group to choose a bendable character and to mold it to look like a feeling they experienced in the activity/session.
  • Have each participant share why they molded their character the way they did.  This allows participants to express a body position - not just a facial feature for how they are feeling.

Where to find it/How to make it:  You can find bendable characters in most toy stores.  You can also find stickers with different expressions on them to put over the smiley face of the bendy figure.  Sometimes it's hard to talk about a sad feeling when Mr. Bendy is all smiles.

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