Banana Bandana

Type of Activity: Icebreaker/Energizer

Props Needed: Plastic Banana, Bandana

Process: Have the group stand in a circle.  As the facilitator you have a banana and a bandana in your hand.  Starting to your left you say, "This is a banana."  The 1st participant repeats back, "A What?" And you repeat, "A Banana."  The 1st participant then says, "Oh, it's a banana." Then this participant hands the banana to the 2nd participant (person on his left) and says, "This is a Banana."  Then the 2nd participant says, "A What?" Then the 1st participant says back to the facilitator, "A What?" and you repeat, "A Banana."   Then the 1st participant turns to the 2nd participant and says, "It's a banana."  The 2nd participant then says, "Oh, it's a banana."  This continues all the way around the circle.   Meanwhile, you begin on the right side of the circle with, "This is a Bandana," and the same pattern is repeated.  This gets very hilarious and confusing in the middle but it's great fun.

Debriefing Topics:

  • Where did the communication break down?
  • What did you do to try to maintain effective communication?
  • How can you apply this activity to everyday life?

Variation: Use what is on your person or in your pockets (i.e. keys, hat, etc.) for the objects to pass. You can stay with what they actually are called or create a new name. This can create a discussion on hearing vs. seeing and what happens when they do not match and well as perspective. Has also been called “A What.”

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