Balloon Faces

Balloon Faces

A Creative Drawing Processing Technique 

Some conversational forms of processing are difficult for those that are unaccustomed to speaking in public, or that would like additional time to formulate their thoughts into words.  Here is an activity that allows both types of participants an opportunity to express themselves in a safe environment. 

Source:  A Teachable Moment, Cain, Cummings, Stanchfield.  pg 54.


This artistic style of reviewing is more individual than group-based.  Each participant is given an opportunity to illustrate their own feelings, and to share them with the entire group.  It is interesting to hear how different members of the same team often share totally different experiences from the same activity session. 

Props/materials needed:  Colorful balloons and markers. 


  • Provide a colorful variety of round balloons for each person in the group.  It is a good idea to have a few extra, in case anyone burst their balloon while blowing them up, or drawing on them.  You may also want to find balloon colors that reflect the skin color of the multicultural group you are facilitating.  You’ll also need a collection of colorful markers to draw on each balloon.           
  • Instruct each person to inflate their balloon, and then to draw themselves with the facial expression they now have about today’s experience.   
  • After completing their drawing, participants are encouraged to share their drawing and explain their feelings, thoughts and facial expressions.

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