Available Space

Type of Activity: Processing

Set Up: The Concept of Available Space

Props Needed: Five to ten unique tokens from the kit.  Could use items from the Treasure Chest activity.

Concepts: Occasionally, a facilitator may encounter a situation where the time available for a debriefing session is limited.  Rather than beginning this session and abruptly interrupting it when time has run out, the concept of available space can be expressed at the beginning of the processing session.

While this style of processing severely limits the utility and outcome of the session, it does recreate a typical life situation, limited time.  By informing team members of the limited time available, and asking participants to consider the necessity of their comments, group members reflect on their own contributions to the team’s progress.  Because of the limiting nature of this style of reflection, we suggest that you do not employ this technique more than once in a program.

Process: The facilitator provides a few tokens that are easily within the reach of each group member.  Such tokens could be polished stones, marbles, tennis balls, index cards, or any other easily identifiable objects.

Each token represents an opportunity for a member of the group to express an opinion during the processing session. Place a few of these items at the center of the reviewing group, and informed participants of the limited time available for discussion.

Those members that have an urgent need or desire to voice their comments are asked to take a token.  Once these comments have been voiced, the group moves on.

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