Arrowhead Puzzle

Source:  Adapted from the Arrowhead Puzzle activity in the book, Teambuilding Puzzles, by Anderson, Cain, Cavert, Heck



  • Here is a challenging puzzle for exploring the concepts of limited resources. If your team needs to successfully complete a task when there seems to be insufficient resources to do so, then this is the perfect puzzle for you.
  • In this puzzle participants are given a collection of puzzle pieces, that when properly assembled, will create a total of five arrowheads, all the same size. One arrowhead is already complete and provides a size template for the remaining arrowheads.  Most teams quickly discover that there are only six remaining pieces, which collectively create only three more arrowheads, for a total of four.  The challenge of this puzzle is to use the four arrowheads in the proper configuration to create the outline of a fifth arrowhead, thus completing the task.
  • You will need a webcam dedicated to the puzzle pieces. Using the Arrow in the Annotate feature, participants can designate to the person who has the puzzle which piece they would like to have moved. The person with the puzzle can also easily know who is talking because their name will be embedded in their arrow.
  • After the group has figured out the puzzle, debrief the experience.


Debriefing Topics


  • How did your group work together?
  • Understanding how to get things done, especially when limited resources are available, is a valuable life skill. In this case, how was your team able to identify how to accomplish the task? 
  • Were you able to come up with more than one solution?
  • How did you involve everyone in your group?
  • Who was the leader in your group? What leadership qualities did they portray?
  • How did you leverage the strengths of different members of the group?
  • How are the limited resources of this situation like other situations in your life, work, institution or corporation?
  • How does this process relate back to the real world?

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