Alphabet Soup

Type of Activity: Problem-Solving

Props Needed: Foam letters and/or numbers, 15 foot rope.

Set Up: This activity is much like Keypunch, however the keypunch version is much more suited for older kids and audiences.  Alphabet Soup is a great way to adapt a great activity like Keypunch for a younger crowd.  Lay your rope into a circle and place the letters randomly inside the circle.  This creates your ‘giant bowl of Alphabet Soup!’  Can’t you just see it steaming?


  1. Tell your students that it’s almost lunch time and we need to collect the letters of the alphabet from the giant bowl of soup for the kitchen for lunch.  Each student is responsible for one letter, but the letters must be taken out of the bowl in the right order.
  2. Decide an order so each participant knows which letter they are to search for.  Sound out A, B, C, D…..
  3. Have the participants surround the soup bowl and one at a time retrieve their  letter from the bowl.  Have them stand in line in the correct order.
  4. Sing the alphabet song and have each participant hold their letter up over their head when their letter is sung.
  5. For 3rd grade and up, you can time the event and see if they can do it faster on a second or third try.

Variations: See Key Punch in this section of your Field Guide.

Debriefing Topics:

  • How were you able to work together?
  • What did you do really well?
  • How did you feel when it was your turn?

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