A Penny for your Thoughts


  • Ask each participant to bring a penny to the virtual meeting, or provide images of coins with different years on them.
  • For younger kids, the pennies should be no older than 10 years from the current year.
  • Ask participants to look for the date on their coin and share with the rest of the group something significant or interesting that happened to them in that year.
  • Encourage participants to think outside the box. If the penny is dated before you were born, think about what happened in the world that year that might have had an impact on your current life.
  • For large groups, send them into breakout rooms for 3-5 minutes. Have participants share their responses in their small group.  Ask participants to take a screen shot of the questions so they have the prompts once they move to the breakout room.
  • For smaller audiences, have each person take turns sharing their story with the group.
  • You may need to give a few hints to younger children. For example, it might be a year that their brother or sister was born, or maybe it was the year their parents got married.