Are You Ready to Roll?  Lets Get those Gears Turning!

Welcome to our Online Games Database.  This subscription based database houses over 500 experiential teambuilding activities, games and initiatives, each designed to equip facilitators with the right game for the right group, updated to include a section on virtual teambuilding activities, and games. Each activity has photos, thorough instructions and sample debriefing questions to ask.  Some activities have tutorial videos, and we will be adding more each month.  This service provides you with instant access to hundreds of games and initiatives that you can facilitate on your own.  Some of the activities will require specific props, but with a little creativity you can create some of them on your own.  We will link several of the activities to our online store for the items we sell commercially as well.

Activities from several categories will be included:

  • Icebreakers
  • Problem Solving Initiatives
  • Communication Activities
  • Improvisation
  • Time Fillers
  • Trust Activities
  • Bullying Prevention Activities
  • Conflict Resolution Activities
  • Debriefing and Processing Activities
  • Virtual Teambuilding Games & Activities

This service is $29.99 a month or a special introductory rate of $199.99 for a whole year (a $359.88 value!). 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

Note: Once you have created your account please check your email for further activation instructions.