Tangram Puzzles



  • Type of Activity: Problem-Solving, Communication
  • Set Up: Instruct participants to print and cut out their tangram pieces ahead of time.
  • Information: Tangram shapes are geometric.  A complete set is formed from seven polygonal flat pieces.  In a Tangram puzzle set there are:  5 isosceles triangles of various sizes (2 large congruent triangles; 1 medium-size right triangle; 2 small congruent triangles), 1 square, 1 parallelogram  (the only tangram shape that may need to be flipped when forming certain figures).


Two ways to facilitate:

  1. Show a Tangram design on your screen for 20 seconds and then have the image disappear. In that timeframe participants should try and same shape with their Tangram pieces.  Every 2 minutes you can show the design again.  Ask participants to move their webcam to show their design.
  2. Partner people up in breakout rooms. Give one person a design that they have to describe to their partner without showing them the design.  Once they think they have it, ask participants to move their webcam to show their partner their design.


Debriefing Topics:

¨ How difficult was this activity for you?

¨ What communication challenges did you experience?

¨ On a scale of 1-10, how difficult was it to remember the diagram?

¨ Was it more difficult for you to communicate a design to your partner or to build the design that was communicated to you?

¨ Name a few examples of how this process relates back to the real world.