Playing Card Connections

Source:  Adapted from an activity in the book, Playing with a Full Deck, 52 Team Activities Using a Deck of Playing Cards by Michelle Cummings.



  • Ask each participant to bring a few playing cards to the virtual meeting, or provide images of playing cards.
  • Create six icebreaker or debriefing questions.
  • Ask participants to select six cards from their deck, Aces through six.
  • Have them shuffle their small deck and take turns turning over their first card. Whatever number card is face up they would share their response to the corresponding question on your screen.  For example, if someone turned over the two of spades, they would answer the questions “Name your two favorite holidays.”
  • You could also provide images of the card faces and have participants select a number card.
  • You could also have a deck of cards yourself on video and flip the cards over so the participants can see which card flipped over.