Invisible Maze

This traditional team building activity is usually done with a gridded tarp and participants have to guess the exact stepping sequence to crack the puzzle.  They must figure out the way through trial and error.  Using a bike horn or buzzer, the facilitator buzzes the participant that steps in an incorrect square and they must go to the end of the line.  Only one participant may be on the grid at a time.  Once they figure out a correct square, the next square in the sequence will be one of the squares touching the square they are standing in.  Marking the correct path with coins, blades of grass, rocks, or whatever else is in the vicinity is not allowed.  The maze is broken when everyone in the group has passed through the stepping sequence correctly. 

To adapt this to a virtual environment, provide a blank grid on your screen and enable the participants Annotate buttons.  Ask them to use the ARROW button, as each time they click into a new square it disappears.  This allows participants to progress through the maze without marking their previous steps.  This makes the task more difficult.  Use a buzzer to signal when a participant has moved into an incorrect space.