Creative Categories

Shared by Tim Walther, Grand Dynamics


Creative Categories are discussion topics based on the outcome or focus of the group.  You customize and create the categories for your unique content.  Categories a facilitator might consider include: 


Leadership Actions:  Modeled the Way, Inspired a Shared Vision, Went First, Coached

Team Communication: Listened Effectively, Clarified a Role, Offered Support

Community Building: Recycled, Helped a Neighbor, Did my part

Corona: Washed Hands, Kept Social Distancing, Connected on Zoom

Worked From Home: Made a New Recipe, Started a Home Project, Went Stir-crazy


Then, of course the basics of relationship building, "get to know you" topics... family, where from, favorite pet, story of first car, etc... 



  • Create graphics or Text boxes in your slide deck with the title of your category and the options they have to choose from.
  • Use Annotations bar to have participants select the topic they wish to share.
  • In Zoom, there is a an Arrow button in the Annotate section. If you ask participants to use the Arrow, it includes their name in the arrow.  Then you can identify which arrow belongs to a specific person. This allows you to know which topic each participant chose.
  • For large groups, send participants into breakout rooms to discuss which topic they chose.
  • For small groups have each person share.