T4T - Finding Workplace Metaphors

Find Metaphors that Work for Your Organization
Have you ever wondered why my company name is Training Wheels?  I chose it for a variety of reasons, but the main one being that I LOVE the metaphor of the Training Wheel.  When learning how to ride a bike we generally only need the training wheel for a short period of time before we don't need it anymore.  We take it off and figure out ways to make it work.  We might be a little wobbly and uncertain at first, but eventually we find our balance and own that ride.
I believe the work we do as trainers fits this metaphor to perfection.  Our role is to be there during the skill building phase, then eventually we need to step back and let our participants own it.  They may be a little wobbly at first and seek our guidance for support, but eventually they will get their footings and take off.
I think this metaphor fits for the training work I do as well as the equipment side of Training Wheels.  Any activity you purchase from us comes with basic directions.  They are there to give you general guidelines to follow, then it is up to you to make it your own!  I know there are multiple outcomes possible for each and every activity that leaves our warehouse.  I love hearing all of your success stories over the years when you have reached out to us.  Keep up the great work!


So my encouragement this morning is to find metaphors that really work for the type of programming you do.  Use them in your introduction as a foundation for the training.  Humans love story telling in general, so when you invite them to be a part of the process they will remember it.

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