T4T - Change the Rules

Changing the Rules

One fun thing about being an experiential facilitator is getting to change the rules of a particular game to fit the needs of your participants.  We tend to be a 'rule tester' in general, so getting to change the rules as seen fit makes the job all that more enjoyable.

There are two games Training Wheels staff remember playing as a kid that weren't that fun;  Simon Says and 52 Card Pick Up.  A very visual learner would find they might be terrible at Simon Says, and older siblings usually LOVED to play 52 Card Pick Up.  However, with a few rule changes these two games are now some of our absolute favorite activities to lead with participants.  Check out the YouTube video on this new version and find full instructions by clicking here, Simon Says.  And check out my Mini Stack The Deck cards for info on 52 Card Pick Up!


What games do you now LOVE with just a few simple rule changes?


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