T4T - Avoid the Center of the Circle

When you facilitate a group, do you find yourself standing in the center of the circle?  Have you ever given a set of directions to the group while standing in the middle, only to have half of the group not understand or hear what you said?There is a very simple solution to this:  include yourself as a part of the circle! 

This way, everyone can see you and hear you.  It sounds very elementary, but this one step can make the process much easier for both you and your participants.

When I first started facilitating over 20 years ago, I learned a few common games such as Have You Ever and a few others, and was taught to stand in the center to give the directions.  I always struggled with having my back to half of the participants and projecting my voice loud enough so that everyone could hear.  With this simple step of including yourself as a part of the circle, it creates a space for everyone to hear you and see what you are doing.  Problem solved!

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