Weather Report

Group size:  Any size

Purpose:  This is a great Check-in activity for participants to identify how they are feeling, using the metaphor of the weather.

Props Needed:  None. But if desired you could print off pictures of weather activity

Activity Preparation:  you do not have to have anything to prepare for this activity.

Prep time needed:  5 minutes

Time needed

  • Directions: 3 minutes
  • Activity: 5 – 10 minutes
  • Debrief: 5 – 10 minutes

Set Up:  Check-in activity. May also be used for debriefing an activity.

Activity Directions:

  • Gather the attention of participants. Explain that everyone is invited to check in using the metaphor of the weather.
  • Give an example of weather elements, for example sunny, foggy, clear, overcast, partly cloudy, rain, hail, sleet, etc.
  • Ask participants think how they have been feeling (i.e., yesterday or since last session), and today.
  • Using the metaphor of the weather, check in with describing your feelings or your state of mind for yesterday, today, and giving a forecast for your tomorrow.
  • Facilitator can give their own weather report as an example.


Facilitator script:  “Lets gather around and settle in for our session. We will begin our check-in using the metaphor of a weather report. Think of a meteorologist or weather-person you may see on the news or TV. Usually when they give a weather report, they begin with what the weather has been a few days before today, what today’s weather is, and the forecast for the next days or week. So checking in now, I would like you to describe how you are feeling or how things have been for you since our last session using terms of a weather report. Describing how your weather has been for the past few days, how it is today, and what your weather forecast is looking like for the next few days.”


  • What did you notice about yourself / others in giving your weather/traffic report?
  • What made a difference between prior day/session’s report and today’s report?
  • How do your stated weather elements represent your state of being or feelings? Represent your recovery process?
  • What will need to happen to see a difference between today’s session and your weather forecast?
  • What is one thing you will commit to so you can realize a step in a positive direction?


Recovery / Wellness Metaphor: Since the weather is a common system that many can understand, it can be used in various settings and can be used as a check-in regardless of problem area or clinical domain.

Role of Facilitator: Introduce the check-in activity. Give an example of your own weather report so participants can follow the model. “Yesterday my weather was . . . ; today my weather system is . . . , and my forecast for tomorrow is . . . .”

Modifications: Print pictures of weather activity for participants who may have trouble finding words that describes their feelings.


  • When used as a debriefing tool for any activity, invite participants to think about their feelings or state of mind before the activity, during, and after using the weather as a metaphor.
  • Traffic Report. Use same activity instructions using the metaphor of a traffic report.
  • Give an example of road / traffic conditions: clear, smooth sailing, going the speed limit, excessive driving, road rage, detour, etc.


Source:  Adapted from The Power of One, Page 129, Lung, Stauffer, and Alvarez