Look Up, Look Down

Look Up, Look Down

Type of Activity:  Energizer, Ice Breaker, Time Filler


Props Needed:  None


This lively game is a facilitator favorite. 


Phase 1:  Ask the participants to get into a circle and look down onto the floor.  Instruct them that when you announce, “LOOK UP!”  Each person is to look up and look directly into the face of another participant.  If they do not make eye contact with another person they stay still.  If they make eye contact with that person, they are to point and scream (with conviction!) at that person.  Then you will announce, “Look Down” and the whole group will look down.  Play this way 6-7 times and then move onto Phase 2.


Phase 2:  Phase 2 has the same rules as Phase 1 with one addition:  When you announce, “LOOK UP!” and you make eye contact with someone, you are to point, scream and then turn and face the outside of the circle.  You are then out for the remainder of that round.


Phase 3:  Phase 3 has the same rules as Phase 1, but this time if you make eye contact with another participant, you are to point, scream and then run and join another circle.  (that is, if you have multiple circles).


Variations:  An alternative Phase 4 would be to repeat the rules from Phase 2, however this time if you find yourself facing the outside of the circle, you are still in the game.  If, when the facilitator announces, “LOOK UP” and there is another participant from a neighboring circle that is facing out, you may point, scream at them and then turn back to the center of your circle.  This allows for you to continue playing.  You can also add in the rule:  ‘Merry Go Round” where the entire group spins 180° so the people on the outskirts of the group will have the opportunity to make eye contact with another person.


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