Have You Ever

Type of Activity: Energizer/Icebreaker

Props Needed: Plastic Squares, one for each participant

Set Up: Have enough squares for every participant except for one.  Usually the no-square person is the facilitator until after instructions are given.

Process: Have one person stand in the middle of the circle.  They must come up with a phrase that completes the  fragment, "Have You Ever......."  Whatever the person in the   middle calls out needs to be something that they have done before.  Whoever in the group that has performed the same task that was called out must leave their square and try to find another square.  Example:  Have You Ever gone mountain biking?  All those people who have gone mountain biking before would leave their square in hopes of finding another square.  The last person not finding a square becomes the person in the middle to come up with a new Have You Ever phrase.  A fun get to know the people in your group game. For safety stress the "no body checking" rule when there are two people going for one square.  You can have it be a "fast walking pace" if you think running will be a safety concern.

Variations: Instead of having the person in the middle ask the questions, you can include them on the outside of the circle with a specific colored square.  A Red square might represent the ‘hot spot’ and therefore they are the next person to ask the next, “have you ever” question.  Some folks like this option better as they do not feel quite as intimidated by standing in the middle of the circle.

Another variation that would take the activity to a deeper level is to have questions read aloud to the group that go into more depth.  This would work well for a therapeutic group that have the  ability to process some of the questions you might ask.  For example:  Have You Ever felt pressured to drink alcohol when you didn’t want to…… Have You Ever witnessed domestic abuse……  This would definitely take this activity out of the ‘energizer’ category and more into a therapeutic or treatment category. Check out Quicksilver for list of Have You Ever’s.

Debriefing Topics:

  • What was something new you learned about one of your teammates?
  • Did you find out you had something in common with one of your teammates you didn’t know  before?  What was it?
  • How did it feel to be in the ‘hot spot”?

For original write up purchase "Quicksilver.”  

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