Debriefing Thumball

Type of Activity: Processing, Debrief Tool

Props Needed: The Debriefing Thumball™

Set Up: The Debriefing Thumball™ was designed to help facilitators ask debriefing questions in a proper sequence that makes sense to participants offering excitement and variety to straight question-and-answer sessions or traditional processing. The use of the ball also shifts some of the responsibility for successful processing from the facilitator to the participants.

The sequence of: 1. What happened, 2. Why is this important, and 3. How can I use this information. This sequence not only takes participants through a progression for processing a specific event, but also presents an overall lesson on proper processing.

Get groups into circles ensuring enough room to toss and catch a ball.  Recommended 1 ball for every 10-12 participants.

Process: Answer 3-6 questions per color. Orange first. Green second. Blue third. Throw it. Catch it. Look under your thumb. Answer it.

Orange Fact-Finding Questions: These questions will ask general questions about what happened in the group. It asks factual questions or questions that simply summarize the events of the experience. The questions intentionally are easy to answer and set the stage for the other two colors of questions.

Green 'Why-Is-This-Important?' Questions: The green questions ask Why questions and elicit feelings from the participants. They also help participants analyze the significance of the experience.

Blue Transference Questions: The blue colored questions tie the specific experience to future experiences and to everyday life--after learning from an experience, how can participants apply this knowledge?

Variation: Can allow for discussion based on each question or leave the question with what the participant answered with and move to the next question.

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