Creative Questions

Type of Activity: Processing, Questioning

Props Needed: One deck of Creative Questions.  There are 60 laminated question cards that are double sided, so 120 processing questions total. The questions are categorized and alphabetized for quick and easy access. For example, the categories are: appreciation, communication, cooperating, feelings, judgment, leadership, liking yourself, listening, self awareness, and trust. There are 10 or more questions per category.

Set Up: The idea for this activity came from a set of get-to-know-you questions called Creative Juicers.  These cards are no longer in print so Michelle came up with this set for the experiential education field.

Concept: Creative Questions is a collection of questions from professionals in the Experiential Education field. Many of the questions come from Clifford Knapp's book, Lasting Lessons.  It’s purpose is to help facilitators in their debriefing sessions to ask appropriate questions. This will enable their participants to transfer learning from the experience to real life.

Process: This is a great back pocket tool for new facilitators that are not confident in their own questions. It helps them understand and get familiar with asking open ended questions that require more than a yes or no answer.

Also great for those groups that have been together for a long time. They can ask each other the questions and take more responsibility for their own processing.

For seasoned facilitators it's great for those that get stuck in the rut of always asking the same questions over and over.  You could get out the questions while the participants are completing their activity and look at the questions that pertain to the issues going on within the group.  Then you have some great hints during your debrief for asking the right open ended questions.

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