All My Neighbors Who... (Have You Ever)

All My Neighbors Who…..

This activity is a spin off of Karl Rhonke's "Have You Ever",  Quicksilver, pg. 224.

Contributor:  Patrick Torrey

Source:  A Teachable Moment, by Jim Cain, Michelle Cummings and Jennifer Stanchfield, pg 48


To create a more active processing circle.

Props/materials needed:

Spot markers of some kind, poly spots, carpet squares, plastic squares, or index cards.


  • Have enough markers for every participant in the circle, and one person in the center. Typically the facilitator begins the activity in the center position.
  • The central person must come up with a phrase that completes the fragment, "All My Neighbors Who......."  Whatever the person in the middle calls out needs to be something that they have learned or experienced that day.
  • Whoever in the group that also learned or experienced what was called out should meet in the center of the circle, to celebrate and each other a High five.
  • Everyone then tries to find another marker on which to stand.
  • Whoever ends up without a square is the next person to state, "All My Neighbors Who…"
  • Example:  All My Neighbors Who got frustrated at some point today…..  All those people who had experienced something frustrating would leave their marker, celebrate in the center, and then find another marker.  The last person not finding a marker in the circle becomes the person in the middle to come up with a new All My Neighbors Who…. phrase.  A fun, active way to find out about the learnings of the day.

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