What Goes Where

Type of Activity: Problem-Solving, Communication

Props Needed: Dominoes and Pick-Up Sticks

Set Up: Have the group pair up and sit back to back on the floor.  Give each partner the same amount of dominoes and pick-up sticks.

Process: Have one partner make a design with their props and then explain it to his/her partner.  When they think they have the same design, have a facilitator check their work before they turn and look at each other's design.  If they have the same thing then they switch roles.  If they don't quite have it yet let them see if they can figure out where the mistake is.

Variations: Use paper and pencil and have person one draw a picture or have a pre-designed design to use.   Have person one describe the design to person two who in turn has to draw it.

Debriefing Topics:

  • How did you communicate to your partner?
  • Were you conscious of your language when you were speaking?  (i.e.  My left vs. your left)
  • What were some feelings that came up during the process?

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