Quick Cards

Type of Activity:  Problem-Solving

Source:  Playing With A Full Deck, by Michelle Cummings and The Possiblesbag Teambuilding Kit  Activity Manual, Chris Cavert

Props Needed:  playing cards, one per participant

Group Size:  You will need at least 12 players for this one.

Playing the Game:  (idea source unknown).  This one works best when you can have at least two groups of 6-8 players (you can have more than 2 groups playing.)  Shuffle the Deck of Cards.  After splitting up into small groups, give each player a Card—ask them not to look at the face of the Card just yet.  When you say, “GO”, each player can look at his or her Card.  Then each group must line up in sequence based on an Ace through King order, as fast as possible.  When a team is in the right order they raise their Cards up high together and yell, “DONE!”  As the facilitator you can award the metaphorical gold, silver, or bronze medals as they finish (you might have to do spot checks on the order!).  After each round, have the groups turn their Cards face down and do a team shuffle—handing the Cards around the group in random order so the values of the Cards are not seen by the players.  Then say, “Keep a Card.”  Each player should have a Card ready for the next round—not looking at it until you say, “GO!”  Provide 30 seconds of planning time before each attempt.  Play three or four rounds with the smaller teams, then combine tow teams together—keeping the same Cards but now shuffling up with both team’s Cards—they have the information, how do they share it to make the activity successful.  Play a few times for super-speed rating.

NOTE:  An interesting shift might occur if players choose to share “verbally” what their Card is as they shuffle—never said they couldn't!  This goes along with sharing ideas as well.  Will a team share this bright idea with the group (other teams?!).

Debriefing topics:

  • How successful do you think you were at this activity?
  • Was there any confusion on where you were supposed to go?
  • Did your group share any information with other groups?  Why or why not?


Learning styles utilized from the 7 Kinds of Smart:  ~picture smart, logic smart, body smart

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