Pencil Pushers

Type of Activity: Problem-Solving, Communication

Props Needed: Webbing, writing utensil

Set Up: Stretch an untied Raccoon Circle into a line. This is the starting point.

Process: Don’t be fooled, this simple activity is extremely physically challenging. The challenge now is for teams of two to four participants to push a new, unsharpened pencil over the line, and across the floor, making contact with only their hands on the floor. This challenge typically results in the group forming some type of human bridge, with the first person’s feet just behind the line, and other team members climbing over them as they extend the bridge. The winners are those that push the pencil the furthest distance, and still are able to return behind the line, without touching the floor in front of the line with anything but their hands.

Debriefing Topics:

  • What ideas did you consider before you decided on the correct method?
  • What were some feelings that came up during the process?
  • Did everyone feel like their ideas were heard?
  • On a scale of 1-10 rate how difficult this process was.

For resources:  The Book of Raccoon Circles, Webbing

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