Line Up in a Circle

Type of Activity: Problem Solving

Props Needed: None

Set Up: Need a mid-size open area. Plays well with 12 to 25 for 10 to 15 minutes.

Process: Have your group spread out and find their “own space” so they can’t touch anyone (similar to Chicken Dumplings in The Chicken Game see activity in Get to Know You’s). While standing still (participants cannot adjust their position) the participants are instructed to look around their area and identify the person who is standing closest to them on the right hand side of their body and the person who is standing closest to them on the left hand side of their body – talking is allowed. When the group is ready say, “Go!”  At this point the group, the members of the group, as quickly as possible, are to arrange themselves in such a way that each participant is standing directly next to those two people they determined were to their right and left. If someone in the group has a chronometer (fancy word for a stop-watch) on their wrist, you could time the process. After a circle is made have the group mingle around meeting and greeting others. Call, “Chicken Dumplings” so each participant is again within their own personal space. When the group lets you know they are ready, give them a, “GO!” Does the process improve over several rounds by a time standard?

Variations: You could give everyone a number (a bit more memory involved here) so after the Chicken Dumplings participants circle up by number. For an ultra-challenge, during the mingle have  participants exchange numbers during their handshakes – left/right brain activity.

Debriefing Topics:

  • Was strategies did you use?
  • Did your time improve? How?

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