Large Group Lily Pads

Type of Activity: Problem Solving/Cooperation

Props Needed: boundary rope (could use webbing from Raccoon Circles), plastic squares-1 for each participant and 1 for each corner.

Set Up: Make a square or rectangle that is approximately the same number of paces from  corner to corner diagonally as people in each of the four groups.  (e.g. For a group of 20 you will need to make the distance of the boundary 5 steps long.)  If you want to increase the likelihood that they will compete, divide the group into 4 smaller groups and ask each small team to stand near each corner of the square before giving instructions.

Process: The objective is for the entire group to cross the square diagonally without losing any resources that are needed to complete the activity.  A group starting at each corner, exiting at diagonal corner. You are standing at a large square with several resources to use on the inside and one spot on the outside of each corner that will be used as an entrance and exit.

Your small team will need to enter the square by first stepping on the spot outside the spare.  Then you will need to use the spots inside as resources to make your way to the diagonal corner exit.  The spot outside the far corner of the square is your only exit.  Each of the four small teams has their own entrance and exit.


1. The boundary and spots may not be moved by participants.

2. Enter and exit by stepping on a spot.

3. Spots are the resources used for crossing.  ANY body part, such as hand or foot, contacting the floor must also be in contact with a spot.

4. ‘Illegal’ contact requires that person to go back to their beginning spot and re-enter.

5. A spot is ‘activated’ by a contact—once activated, loss of contact with that spot results in loss of that spot.  The facilitator (or hungry alligator) will remove vacated spots.

6. Loss of too many spots to complete the activity safely (people have to jump or have both feet off the floor at the same time) results in ‘shut down.’  The group starts over with all spots replaced and opportunity to learn from the experience.

7. All participants must be in the large square before anyone can exit the square.

Debriefing Topics:

  • What thoughts went through your mind after the instructions were given?  Did you think you were competing with other teams?
  • How did you take care of your resources?  What could these resources represent in the real world?
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