Knot Right Now/A Knot Between Us/Tie the Knot

Type of Activity: Problem-solving

Props Needed: Webbing


Process: This activity is a modification of the Group Loop activity from Tom Heck called Knot Now. Instruct the entire group (up to 8 participants per Raccoon Circle) to grab hold of the straight webbing. Wherever they hold with their right hand must stay there, however the left hand can move, slide, or let go as necessary to make movement easy. The task is for the group to tie a   single overhand knot in the Raccoon Circle. A simple method is for one of the end person to use both hands to tie a knot at the end!


Process: Using a section of Raccoon Circle between each person, tie and overhand knot loosely at the midpoint of each. Now instruct each member of the group to pick up one end of a Raccoon Circle with each hand, forming a horseshoe pattern (not a complete circle) with the entire group. The task is now for the group to untie each of the knots in the various pieces of Raccoon Circle webbing without letting go of the Raccoon Circles in their hands.


Process: Tie the Knot is just the opposite of A Knot Between Us. The object of this activity is for a U-shaped group of participants, each holding a Raccoon Circle between them, to tie an overhand knot at the middle of each Raccoon Circles, without letting go of the webbing they are holding in each hand. This activity is a more complicated version of Knot Right Now

Debriefing Topics:

  • What feelings came up for you in this activity?
  • Did anyone get frustrated in the process?  Why or Why not?
  • How did the group accomplish this task?

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